Saturday, January 18, 2014


If I blog and no one comments did the post really exist?

I believe I have lost all my followers and that is cool. I mean I did stop blogging for a long time. I am getting better. I show my workout numbers for the week. However, I think I still have more to say so I am going to post more. Plus I love music so I will continue to post video links.

Here is a great quote that I read yesterday. This was from an article I found on I hope you guys enjoy it!

"Greatness always has its own pace, its own timeline, and its up to us if we are going to hang in their long enough for it to play out in our lives, or if we are just going to call it a day because we lack the patience to fully embrace the bigger plan." -


  1. I read!

    I just read everything in feedly and never click over because I'm lazy and an asshole. But I am here, and I am listening!

  2. I'm here too! I don't always comment because, I too, am lazy and an asshole. :) Glad you are bad, I always enjoyed your posts.

  3. I'm still here!!!!! Having a hard time on the "balance" things these days, so I get it. Keep on keepin'on :)

  4. Answer: I am still here! Glad your are picking up your blogging! Xo

  5. I am a new follower...I will be is a little hare to read with the dark background because I have bad eyes...but you are special to me so I will be back to read.

  6. I still check in sometimes too! :^)